I had a chance to ask Barbara “Suga” Baxter some questions about the Sugar Pills debut at Blinkers in Covington, KY last week.

1. How did your debut show at Blinkers go?

It went from spectacular to over the top! From the spectacular entrance in a 1963 black Continental convertible with horn blaring and Sugar Pills squealing to the over the top standing ovation received by the Sugar Pills All-Girl Ukulele Band.

2. What did you like the best about it?

The enthusiasm of the audience. There was such a positive response from the crowd to everything we did!

3. Did you get some good feedback you’d like to share?

People really enjoyed the fact that a serious mission can be presented in a fun way.

4. What were some of the songs you played?

“Sugartime,” and Barbara’s original song “Shake Your Sugar Shaker!” and several others.

5. Was there a crowd favorite?

They loved EVERYTHING we did! A crowd favorite was “Sugartime.”

6. When/Where is your next gig?

Women’s Health ExpoSharonville Convention Center in Northern Cincinnati, OH.

7. Who made those super cute outfits?

Glinda – the Good Witch from the Wizard of Oz. (ed: we think she may be playing coy on this one, lol)

cotton-candy8. What perfumes do the Sugar Pills wear?

The favorite scent of the Sugar Pills is Cotton Candy Perfume by Prince Matchabelli for Women (available here)

9. What’s the Sugar Pills favorite part of a meal?


10. What’s the Sugar Pills favorite song?

“Shake Your Sugar Shaker”

Finally, please share the MISSION of the Sugar Pills All-Girl Ukulele Band:

“To enhance everyone’s mind, body and spirit with positive life changes which promote the understanding of non-medical ways to feel your best”

This is the mission of everything we are doing and we express it by all means possible.

The Sugar Pills All-Girl Ukulele Band promotes this mission.

Are you available for bookings?
Under the Sugar Pills Umbrella of speaking engagements, Barbara Baxter is available to speak to book clubs of 10 or more. Barbara also visits businesses to present her book and/or her band for employee outreach. Fees negotiable.

You can reach Barbara for speaking engagements and bookings through the contact section on Barbara Baxter Productions.com.

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