The Front Cover

The Front Cover

Sugar Pills: Non-Medical Ways To Feel Your Best

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When Good People Get Bad News

…they can either get scared and crawl under a rock or step up and become proactive; which is exactly what Barbara Baxter did when she learned she had cancer. As she negotiated the emotions that were sparked by the rather one dimensional way typical western medicine was helping her, Barbara started collecting her own ways of coping she started calling her Sugar Pills.

She reached out to the people around her and began collecting their advice, sage words and inspired ways of dealing with difficulties. As she compiled this information she soon realized she had enough to fill a book, and thus “Sugar Pills: Non-Medical Ways to Feel Your Best” was begun in earnest.

About Barbara Baxter

Barbara Baxter is a creative force of boundless optimism who has been involved with the creative arts including writing, ventriloquism, public speaking, design and creating ways to connect people with their dreams from myriad points of view. She attracts interesting, productive, visionaries like herself to participate in her many projects, many of whom share their own information in this new book! Find out more at

What’s Inside:

“Sugar Pills: Non-Medical Ways to Feel Your Best” touches on seven main topics in its almost 400 pages including:

  • Color
  • Community
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Guided Imagery
  • Music
  • Positive Energy

Each topic is explored from various points of view depicting a variety of ways successful people have successfully changed their lives for the better as they, too, coped with trying times and difficult situation.

Who’s it For?

  • People looking for ways to positively influence their own health
  • People interested in supporting someone going through a difficult health challenge
  • Those ready to embrace ideas beyond what the typical medical communities offer
  • Anyone who seeks to broaden their own point of view of how to achieve and maintain holistic wellness

Barbara Can Speak to Your Group or Audience about Sugar Pills

Barbara is comfortable with microphones and public speaking. She has been interviewed on radio and television for a variety of topics throughout her fun and interesting life. With her engaging style, Barbara is a ray of sunshine and a heaping helping of hope for anyone ready to learn from her connections and experiences.

Sugar Pills is a book author and editor Barbara Baxter compiled from the advice of hundreds of knowledgeable friends, acquaintances and other experts that helped her cope with a bout of cancer.

The book contains hundreds of non-medical ways Barbara used to feel her best during her recovery that also supported her medical care.

When Barbara speaks, she will be happy to tell you about…

  • How this book is a basic primer on creating and planning for your own wellness.
  • How non-medical ways enhance established medical methods.
  • How Barbara feels the book is about her, but is bigger than her. How her vision and experiences work for the good of everyone.
  • How she came up with the idea for Sugar Pills when undergoing chemotherapy.

Barbara can share:

  • Recipes
  • Tips
  • Funny anecdotes

All wrapped in her naturally engaging story telling abilities.

Over time she found that the advice she was being given fell into seven topics:

  • Color
    When it comes to our health, color stimulates our brains to react positively, which makes us feel better.
  • Community
    Being part of and participating in a community gets us out of ourselves and shows us ways we are needed which has a positive significance to our health.
  • Exercise
    Using our own body to help our own body is an excellent way to regain and sustain our health.
  • Food
    The right food in the right circumstances is a positive double dip, feeding our bodies and our souls.
  • Guided Imagery
    Guided Imagery uses our imagination and what we imagine in our mind our body will respond to as real.
  • Music
    As a soundtrack for our lives, the music we choose sets the right tone for optimal wellness through its vibrations, harmonics and mood changing qualities.
  • Positive Energy
    Negative energy causes failure to thrive, with positive energy, the mind and body soar.

Barbara says: “When using these non-medical methods, our healing potential increases supporting us toward optimum health. They sure worked for me! (and then you look ‘em in the eye and give ‘em that SMILE of yours!)”

Sugar Pills includes guidelines for book club and group discussions.

What Others are Saying:

“A Spoonful of Sugar Makes The Medicine —- —-“
Mary Poppins was right to include sugar with her medicine. And so is Barbara Baxter, author of Sugar Pills: Non-Medical Ways To Feel Your Best.
In fact, the Sugar Pills tips make your medical treatment work better. And here’s the proof…


  • Having read the Sugar Pills text, I have found the philosophies and stories to be an inspiration and an adjunct to my medical practice.
    – Dr. Jack A. Monnig, Board Certified Urologist
  • Sugar Pills is a joy to read. Here’s a thumbs up!
    – from Matt in Kentucky…
  • We got your book today!  Andy & I leafed through it, and I ended-up reading Sugar Pills for two hours (instead of watching a movie)!!!  It’s fabulous!
    – Matt Rost

Sugar Pills really do help. Toliver from Texas sings its praises…

  • What a magnificent book! No question it will help many people!  I lost two wives to cancer and I know what they went through and what helps. Such a blessing to have your talent turned to prepare such a down-to earth book that cancer patients can turn to.
    – Toliver House, Jr.

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Barbara Baxter, Author of Sugar Pills: Non-Medical Ways to Feel Your Best

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Barbara Baxter and the Sugar Pills All-Girl Ukulele Band

Barbara Baxter and the Sugar Pills All-Girl Ukulele Band – click for larger version

Sugar Pills Band in the 1962 Lincoln Continental convertible.

Trunk (left to right) Liz Baxter (OH), Dianne Marcus(OH), Denise Ferri (OH).

Back Seat (lady in red) Sandi Stonebraker (Covington, KY)

Front Seat: Bonnie Casper (OH), Georgia Bridgers (OH), Robert Grunn (OH) (owner of vehicle)

Front Hood:  Barbara Baxter (Covington, KY) (Sugar Pills Band Leader)