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When Good People Get Bad News …they can either get scared and crawl under a rock or step up and become proactive; which is exactly what Barbara Baxter did when she learned she had cancer. As she negotiated the emotions that were sparked by the rather one dimensional way typical western medicine was helping her, Barbara started collecting her own ways of coping she started calling her Sugar Pills. She reached out to the people around her and began collecting their advice, sage words and inspired ways of dealing with difficulties. As she compiled this information she soon realized she had enough to fill a book, and thus “Sugar Pills: Non-Medical Ways to Feel Your Best” was begun in earnest.

About Barbara Baxter Barbara Baxter is a creative force of boundless optimism who has been involved with the creative arts including writing, ventriloquism, public speaking, design and creating ways to connect people with their dreams from myriad points of view. She attracts interesting, productive, visionaries like herself to participate in her many projects, many of whom share their own information in this new book! Find out more at http://www.barbarabaxterproductions.com

What’s Inside: “Sugar Pills: Non-Medical Ways to Feel Your Best” touches on seven main topics in its almost 400 pages including:

  • Color
  • Community
  • Exercise
  • Food
  • Guided Imagery
  • Music
  • Positive Energy

Each topic is explored from various points of view depicting a variety of ways successful people have successfully changed their lives for the better as they, too, coped with trying times and difficult situation.

356 Pages • Perfect Bound • Full Color Cover • Photos, sketches, recipes and more!

Who’s it For?

  • People looking for ways to positively influence their own health
  • People interested in supporting someone going through a difficult health challenge
  • Those ready to embrace ideas beyond what the typical medical communities offer
  • Anyone who seeks to broaden their own point of view of how to achieve and maintain holistic wellness

What Are People Saying?

  • “Provides many sweet delights for the soul and ideas to keep the spirits high when life gets low.” – Victor Paruta, Psychic Medium and Clairvoyant
  • “Filled with helpful tools, insights and signposts. A must read for anyone on the journey to their healthiest self.” – Tamara Sumner Petersen, CEO, ESMI Productions
  • Ms. Baxter has collected the thoughts, suggestions, stories, anecdotes, recipes, photos and tips from a plethora of interesting people; famous and not-so-famous. Each has worked through a difficult life assignment and has come out the other side healthier, wiser and transformed for the better! You’ll find humor, compassion, acceptance, advice and thoughts on handling illness or other health issues you may not have thought of. Marti McGinnis, www.happyart.com
  • “Couldn’t put Sugar Pills down. Each episode made you want to read the next.” – Judi

  • “What a great journey and how beautifully you captured it.” –Gene.

  • “My sister loved Sugar Pills so much she wants three more copies.” –Eleanor

  • “Sugar Pills reminds us what is important in life.” – Archie

  • “I’m giving it to my teacher. She likes to read and she will like the pictures too.” –Emma